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New track for the day lol. Hard and challenging. For the love of FPV. Setup: Darksidequads Arc-1 concept spark32.millivoltosd on new beta Foxeer Datura 2206/2700kv DAL 5047c...

DRL organiseert Biggest FPV Party in Las Vegas

DRL organiseert in samenwerking met hoofdsponsor Swatch een dronerace-evenement in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Op zaterdag 9 februari 2019 is de Esports Arena van het Luxor...

reversed forward

Good couple a packs from my new place. Forward, then reversed on the fly!!! Then just a tiny punch out! ...

DRL 2018 Level 6 “BMW World” | Golden Heat

My best result in DRL this season, taking second place in level 6! Awesome experience battling Dunkan though this epic track in the BMW...

Paul Nurkkala wint Drone Racing League 2018

Paul Nurkkala (Nurk) heeft de eerste plaats weten te bemachtigen in het 2018 seizoen van de Drone Racing League (DRL). Drone Racing League Na een seizoen...

The Ultimate Tutorial to Drone Racing, with Time Stamp

Jump straight in to advanced tips using these: Straight Gates :24 180 in to gates 1:48 Sweepers 2:28 Figure 8's 3:52 Hairpins 4:25 360's and snap turns 4:52 High speed turns...

Gender Reveal!!!! Unplanned, Unedited Video!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we wanted to share a special moment that we are very thankful for. Most of you know that the wife and...


This course made me confront my weaknesses....can't wait for next year! Main Sponsor: DHL Motorsports Other Sponsors: -Foxeer http://www.foxeer.com Flightooooooone..... For inquiries, email: shaunpatricktaylor@gmail.com

DR1 Championship VLOG

Behind the scenes for the BIG RACE!!! Good times. Main Sponsor: DHL Motorsports Other Sponsors: -Foxeer http://www.foxeer.com For inquiries, email: shaunpatricktaylor@gmail.com

Sore Eyes

While editing this thing I got a headache....Sore eyes lol. The Arc-1 in Freestyle action!! Even in high wind! LOVE!!! Main Sponsor: DHL Motorsports Other...

Powerloops in slo-mo & acrobrat shenanigans with KevPV

Check out the acrobrat community here: www.facebook.com/groups/theacrobrats Check out Kevin's channel: www.youtube.com/kevpv In-depth overview of the acrobrat frame here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYAnT1dKzaM&t=1s Check out my other channel for MORE crazy drone...