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16-2-2013 Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17
fpv quadcopter flying
third fpv flight with my new reptile 500 quadcopter frame. ended with a nice crash
I have these motors which I used a while ago on my Iconic-X, but never tried these on 4S. I decided to give it a try on my HT-FPV and I really liked the smoothness of these motors on...
test flight with my new quadcopter frame the reptile 500 ended in a crash
my first hd quadcopter video music by: DTEbeats Filmed with Rollei bullet 4s HD camera
We were just bored and it really kept raining the entire day and we really wanted to do some flying so we gently tried some FPV flying in the rain and these are the results. Don't ever fly in the...
Flights during the 5th MBF multirotor meet up. During the day it was getting more and more foggy and it was real fun to fly. Great day at the end......couldn't wish better. I analyzed the HT-FPV at 1:40 crash afterwards...
Failsafe at 300meter. Probably one of the wires lost the contact. This tree was extremely high and I was very lucky to be able to recover my quad. Total damage was just one prop :D
Multiple FPV flight during 4th MBF huge multirotor meeting for Belgium and Netherlands. It was like the rise of the machines....never saw so many multirotors flying around. Most of the flight was made just next to the dunes, cause the...

FPV…Shake it!

Multiple FPV fun flying in belgium.....damn the frame is undesctrutable!
It was something I always wanted to do.