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HQ sent me a prototype 4-blade prop. I didn’t realize it was a prototype, and I reviewed it. This prop is 4.8″ diameter, 3.4″ pitch, and four blades. So it’s smaller than a 5″ and pretty low-pitch. Basically, it’s trying to get the amazing cornering and tracking of a 4-blade, but without the terrible top-end and response.

Let’s compare the new HQ prop to my usual go-to on the JB2407 motors, the 5×4.8×3 V1S.

Here’s the build video for “My Perfect Freestyle Build”, including a full parts list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Y41bSxbjY

Here’s my review of the Karearea Talon frame and Toa motor:


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…. there aren’t any because this is a prototype.

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