This is the first flight I’ve had with RF1 on a Helio spring V2 flightcontroller. At first I didn’t realize you could run raceflight on a Helio, but it runs it really well. My first impression is really good! Never thought I would say this, but in my opinion RF1 flies way smoother that Betaflight. No need to tune or mess with filters, it just works!

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Aikon Electronics:

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Main Setup setup:
Aikon EVOX220 frame (
Aikon Electronics 2207 2450 kv motors (
Aikon semf esc’s (
HelioRC flightcontroller (
GEPRC 5*4*3 props (
Foxeer Predator V3 FPV cam with 30degree tilt (
Foxeer 2.5mm lens (
Foxeer clearTX (
Foxeer antenna (
Receiver (

On the ground:
FPV goggles (
Rapid Fire receiver module (
Antenna’s (

Instagram: @raymon.kroeze


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