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Emax has done it again. Another kick-butt BnF Micro quad. The Emax Tinyhawk has brushless motors, vTX remote control. And it flies great. It’s definitely got more performance than Tiny Whoop, but does that make it a Tiny Whoop Killer? I don’t think so.

My video about Model Match is:

Taranis Volume Knob how-to is:

Betaflight setup template how-to is:


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Purchase the TinyHawk at:
* RaceDayQuads – http://bit.ly/2FaXODJ
* GetFPV – http://bit.ly/2AUA1DT
* Banggood – http://bit.ly/2F8Cpeb

Spare batteries for the TinyHawk:
* RaceDayQuads – http://bit.ly/2Ffbb5N
* Banggood – http://bit.ly/2Fd5Mfu

Aokoda AOK-041 1S LiPo Battery Voltage Checker:
* Amazon – https://amzn.to/2DrGQ28
* Banggood – http://bit.ly/2Fbaryt

Here are some links to 1S chargers that will get your packs charged faster and easier than the one that comes with the TinyHawk:
* GetFPV – http://bit.ly/2ATRRXC
* RaceDayQuads – http://bit.ly/2Fbdg2x
* ReadyMadeRC – http://bit.ly/2FbXggY
* ReadyMadeRC – http://bit.ly/2Fbdnet
* Amazon – https://amzn.to/2z1WuNV
* Amazon – https://amzn.to/2DbY9mP

The Newbeedrone Acrobee kit can be purchased here:
AcroBee Kit with BeeBrain V2

The LED race gates used are here:
* Amazon – https://amzn.to/2PJcHBn

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