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AstroX 210 fine tuning

AstroX 210 AstroX PDB AstorX 2204 2300KV AstroX 20A Blheli 14.4 Gemfan 5045 tri blade Kiss FC Hs1177 Irc 200MW IRC LHCP Gopro Session 4

Don’t over-prop your high-kv motor

We analyze thrust tables to find the point of diminishing returns. How aggressive a prop can you run on a high-kv motor before you're...

High-kv Prop Run-down

In this video, I run down the following props for use on a high-kv motor like the RCX 2205 2633kv. DAL 5040 HQ 5x4x3 HQ 5040 HQ 5045BN Gemfan...

Prop Comparison: Gemfan 5045BN vs KingKong 5040 and 6040

I try out everybody's favorite prop, the Gemfan 5045BN, with unexpected results. I'm open to anybody who has suggestions why my results with it...