Wanneer je in de toekomst deel wilt gaan nemen aan drone racing wedstrijden van de FAI dan moet je hiervoor en lid zijn van de KNVvL (Partner van de FAI) en heb je toestemming nodig van de FAI zelf.

Deze permissie kun je vanaf nu voor 10 CHF aanvragen via: www.droneracing.aero

To participate in FAI sanctioned category 2 drone events the competitor is required to have either an FAI Sporting Licence issued by his/her national FAI member (list of members at http://www.fai.org/members ) or an FAI Permission for Drone Racing, which can be obtained through these pages. The permission is valid for the calendar year of 2017 only. To obtain the permission, you must register and make a payment of 10 CHF via our online payment system. Your registration details will be sent to your national FAI member organization for information. By registering you agree that FAI and its member organization may contact you.


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