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Sunday evening QX-9 meet with Max (quadromax72). Lovely place for some fun. We even managed to produce a double crash :D. In the air 1st and 2nd QX-9 on the world ;)
The fun just started with my QX-9....went for some hardcore chasing during the second flight and we lost each other for few seconds on high altitude what became fatal. My carbon frame stayed undamaged, but the electronics are fried due...
Uploaded new video to make HD available. Too bad have to delete all comments :(. Was supposed to be just a regular test flight for my new gemfan 10x5 CF enforced props, but turned out as great post material.
Testing new settings on naze32 and warthox frame Default PID RC Rate 1.5 R/P rate 0.3 Yaw rate 0.5
my first fpv flight with the Dji F450 quadcopter with the naza-m onboard
flying with my skywalker on a dark day
Sunday evening meet.....it was great fun and managed to burn 3 packs. MCIB = MultiCopter Idiots Brabant You want to see the footage of other pilot with a cool shot where I am passing in front of him? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6g7Lt9WG2Y Check here for...
It was around 20:30 and the sun was slowly going down. Perfect conditions for some acro freestyling. Getting busy work week, so closing weekend like this should get me prepared. It was about time to give some serious stress test...
This is the best toy I ever had :D. This thing is agile, fast, good looking and tough :D. WHATCH IN 1080p! Thanks Vinny for letting me chase your Disco ;)
flying my quadcopter fpv Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17
16-2-2013 Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17