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Sad Forest

Nothing special, just relaxing play session in the forest with my blackout mini H
PIDs on this flight were meant for 3s, so that's why it's oscillating. Didn't want to change it since I'll be back on 3s later this week. Just having fun. MN1806 motors on 2S Check my latest video tuned on 3s:...
Swapped to D2836-1100kv motors and doing some tuning. Only edited out the gaps where I land, tune, fly, land, tune, etc... Unfortunately, my initial PIDs ended up being the best so far. As you'll see, the tune ends up being...
Testing out the new blackout 3s motors. Unfortunately, I had issues with the simonk firmware on the afro ESCs. Couldn't finish the flight session as I didn't want to risk it anymore. www.minihquad.com
Doing some tuning. Just noticed that youtubes compression kinda took away some of the smoothness. The raw video is much smoother than this. Shot with a Mobius ActionCam Wide Angle Lens
Testing out a few different tunes to see if I could get it to handle wind better. I think this is the best it's going to get. A little bit of "jello" in the video still due to a...
Doing some fine tuning, I'm not even sure i can tell the difference in the video. But in flight... the original PID seems the smoothest but also not as "tight". Might try going a lot higher. Not bad I guess...
Still some tuning on the yaw to work out, and some jello to eradicate on certain throttle levels. ADS400Q Frame Sunnysky x2216-1250 Acro Naze32 Afro ESC 30a Immersion 600mw 5.8 vtx HawkEye OpenLRSng Mobius ActionCam Standard Lens
A home recording and production by Vince Irie Song is by Naughty boy ft. Sam Smit La La La
Warning, shaky video due to bent motor shaft and chipped props. Loved flying here, I'll need to come back again and make a course. Much more spacious around here than where I live. It was a challenge to gauge...

Beach 11 14 13

Scrub run on unbalanced HQ 8050 eprops. I felt uneasy with all of the people traffic around and decided to land early. I like these props alot, with gemfan carbon nylon mix as my only other comparison. These ADS...

Night FPV freestyle

Ok, this one really got my adrenaline pumpin'. It's knowing you can't crash on the concrete. I can say I am totally addicted to mini FPV!!! Too bad there was again too much wind, but it didn't really spoil the...