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The announcing of my baby girl :D
I have a crash on the earlier flight and the sensors needed calibration but that added a bit of fun and shakines to the experience. :) QAV250 by lumenier.
Testing HQ fiberglass 5x3 props and no name CF 5x3 props. Tuned my PIDs for the strong winds we've been experiencing since it seems like it won't stop anytime soon. Heavily edited as most of my footage was choppy. Hope you...
Having fun on small spaces. QAV250 you can find it at www.getfpv.com
These props felt better than any others I tried till now on my mini spider hex! The props are smooth, fast, agile and POWERFULL hellyeah! Current setup: - Blackout Mini Spider Hex Frame - http://www.minispiderhex.com/ - Naze32 acro rev5 - Afro 12A ESCs...

Bulletproof FPV

Some footage of the last lipo of todays FPV meet, where I just had a major HIGH SPEED crash just before this flight where I thought nothing would survive. Lucky for me just a small crack in the...
FPV flying under a car. Setup: Frame: QAV250 FC: cc3d Motors: FX2206-13 2000kv motors Esc: Lumenier 12amp with SimonK Video tx/rx: 5.8 Inmersion 600 and antennas Lc filter orange tx (with dx7)
No need for yoga and meditation, while you can FPV! Went for a long hike to this hidden paradise with my Blackout Spider Hex and had some great time. I felt free like a bird and like totally alone on...
Written by Vince Irie Produced by RD Musiq Mastered by Oscar Bor Video by The Cousins
It was such a nice morning and I decided to burn a couple of lipos after some retuning with the latest setup. It was great way to start the day. Check out some BONUS material. It's the RAW warming up...
Little MOBIUS Wide Angle TEST in the Garden .. get you'r own: BLACKOUT miniH http://www.minihquad.com MOBIUS1080P WA http://www.mobius-cam.com
For the first time ever testing the laserBGC 1.3ghz internal fatshark RX. I attached the DVR to my fatshark to capture some live footage I was seeing through the goggles to show you the quality of it. I am here...